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Cocktail and Pizza Lounge

Relax in our comfortable lounge and bar area, while enjoying our Timeless artisan coal fired pizzas, wine and beer. Whether stopping by for a quick lunch, meeting friends for happy hour or a sports game, or having drinks in the evening, our wine, beer and pizza menus offer a roster of sweet and savory gourmet pizzas prepared daily in our Woodstone coal fired oven – the only one of its kind in Naples, Florida. Order classics like Margherita or Classic Pepperoni, or more out-of-the-box alternatives like our Hog Wild with Berkshire Ham, Italian Sausage, Cracked Green Olives and Fennel. For our more creative guests, you can also build your own pizzas with our daily locally sourced ingredients.

In our lounge, we also offer our weekend brunch, and lunch and dinner menus, which showcase a selection of farm fresh salads, gourmet sandwiches, and innovative, seasonally driven small plates and appetizers. Complement your food with our unique selection of handpicked tap and bottled craft beers from local and regional breweries, as well as wines by the glass and bottle, sourced predominantly from boutique wineries in California, Oregon and Washington.

Happy Hour at the Lounge – 4:30 – 6:30

A Note from the Chef/Partner at Timeless - An MHK Eatery:

Due to my unforeseen health concerns, Timeless will be closing for the summer after dinner on June 29th. Fear not, we will re-open our doors again in October. This was not an easy decision to make, but it is one I make to ensure the best for our customers, staff, and myself.

As you may be aware, in January I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma - a bone marrow cancer. It was found after I was experiencing back and hip pain for months, due to what we later found out was a severe compression fracture of my L1 vertebrae. I completed back surgery in February, got back to work in March, and have been going through chemotherapy since April. So far, I have been responding very well to treatment, but I will need a bone marrow transplant in August which is a long and uncomfortable process. Thankfully my prognosis is good, as there have been significant advances in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma in the last ten years. While there is no cure, full or partial remission can be achieved from the bone marrow transplant.

The road to recovery is long, but with a plan to focus on my health over the next three months I hope to be healthy and energized to re-open in October.

I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all the Timeless staff that stepped up while I have been dealing with this, and all my friends and family that have helped where they could.
Thank you also to all our wonderful customers that have supported Timeless over the last two years. I hope to see you all before we close for the summer.

Chef David Nelson